Benjamin Ginsberg, President of GFR Properties, has been on the ground floor of the emerg­ing residential redevelopment sector across California since 2009. In that time Benjamin has overseen and coordinated the acquisition and development of hundreds of properties throughout San Diego, Imperial and Sacramento Counties. Benjamin is a licensed Real Estate Agent, was born and raised in San Diego, and attended college at The University of California Berkeley where he earned a Bachelors of Arts and a Bachelors of Science in Urban Development and Sustainability. In his free time he enjoys the outdoors with friends and family while surfing, hiking, camping and exploring California and the rest of the world.

GFR Properties focuses on renewing neglected properties across San Diego County. Distressed, abandoned, and unkempt properties are not only eyesores to neighbors but also pose safety concerns and can detract from the value of entire neighborhoods. We have tasked ourselves with identifying and transforming neglected properties into the pride of the neighborhood. We take our time and work with only the best contractors, engineers, architects and designers to make every project one that we would be proud to live in. Our properties come ready to last a lifetime with high-end finishes including brand new kitchen appliances, new flooring, quartz countertops, new bathrooms with custom tile, custom paint, new cabinets, fresh landscaping and many other upgrades.

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